Moments of Wonder

Wish to share with you all ‘moments of wonder’ which I experienced… If you run a school or are associated with education institutes, you can help by sharing our details and/or referring us! If you are in some visionary’s chair position, be it in corporate, society, or government, you can recommend or engage us for […]

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‘now here to be’

Seeking, seeking I tried what not every time I got same response ‘nowhere to go’ ‘now here to be’ ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ I begin from Home Home sweet Home ॰॰॰ Home my world Home thy word I come in home freedom comes home welcomes never questions ॰॰॰ Home reunites Home hold tight ego aims darts […]

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‘भय’ ‘Fear’

भय के ख़याल Imagination of Fear ॰॰॰ Fear of unknown is actually Fear of ‘known’ about unknown? … that ‘known’ is our imagination हमारे ख़याल ॰॰॰ शेर ने मुझे कभी खाया नहीं इसलिए मुझे उससे भय है भय शेर के काटने से नहीं शेर के काटने के ख़याल से ॰॰॰ गाड़ी ने मुझे कभी कुचला […]

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जाने कहाँ चले गए? Mystery of Life!

॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ Wonder of Life! Mystery of Life! ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ – Who are we? – What are we? – Why are we Here? – Where from we come? – Where we go? ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ आज सुबह सब हम जो जो हैं उठे वोह वोह यहीं हीं रह गए सोए सोए ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ और […]

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‘कुम्भ’ ॰॰॰ जीवन की हर डगर पर लगा हुआ ‘कुम्भ’ है मेरे यार ॰॰॰ यहाँ हर रोज़ ही सजता ‘कुम्भ’ हैं देख तो मेरे यार ॰॰॰ ॰॰॰ भाग मत जहाँ दिखे तुझे भीड़ लगा ले प्रीत हर पीड़ से मेरे यार ॰॰॰ कर स्नान तू इस भरी भीड़ में है आँखें तो देख ले नज़ारा मेरे यार ॰॰॰ […]

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सिलसिला ~ Continuation

तेरा मेरा ~ सिलसिला ~ तुम और मैं  Your n Mine ~ Continuation ~ You and I मैं ऐसा हूँ आज क्यूँकि तुम वैसी हो आज तुम वैसी हो आज क्यूँकि मैं ऐसा हूँ आज ॰॰॰ I am like this today bcos you are like that today You are like that today bcos I am like this […]

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The Master gave his teaching in parables and stories which his disciples listened to with pleasure — and occasional frustration, for they longed for something deeper. The Master was unmoved. To all their objections he would say, “You have yet to understand, my dears, that the shortest distance between a human being and Truth is […]

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