तेरी साँसें ~ मेरी साँसें: तेरे अनुभव ~ मेरे संग

मेरी कलम से तेरे अनुभव  सोचता हूँ की तेरी हर चीज़ को कितनी आसानी से मैं ‘मेरा’ बना लेता हूँ !  तेरी दी हुई हर साँस को भी मैने अपना कह डाला ।  तेरे दिये हर अनुभव को भी अपना कह छाप डाला ।  फिर भी काफी कुछ मेरा होकर रह ही जाता हैं ।  […]

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मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग: my Experiences with myself

‘my Experiences with myself’ –  is compilation of flow of insights, and thoughts, in the form of ‘poetry’  *  ‘मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग’ –  ‘कविता’ के रूप में विचारों एवम्‌ अंतर्दृष्टि के बहाव का संकलन है ।  Selected Poems (Bilingual Edition – Hindi, English) When these thoughts and insights started to pour and fall upon […]

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बच्चों के छोटे हाथों को चाँद सितारे छूने दो

बच्चों के छोटे हाथों को चाँद सितारे छूने दो चार किताबें पढ़ कर ये भी हम जैसे हो जाएँगे bachchoñ ke chhoTe hāthoñ ko chāñd sitāre chhūne do chaar kitābeñ paḌh kar ye bhī ham jaise ho jā.eñge Nida Fazli https://myexperienceswithmyself.wordpress.com/wonder-explorers/

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पत्ता पत्ता सहमा सा है आज ज़रूर कहीं इंसानियत फिसलीं है फिर आज #myexperienceswithmyself ®️©️

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अभी इंसानियत को दूर तलक ले जाना है अभी तो यहाँ इंसान को, हर इंसान को जगाना है ®️©️ Presenting to you – my Experiences with myself प्रस्तुत करता हूँ – मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग ॰॰॰ Hello my blogger friends! I have published my poetry as an ebook Kindle and downloadable version … please buy […]

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“know yourself!”

Know Yourself? Ways to Know Who You Are 6 “VITAL Signs” are keys to self-understanding and happiness. Originally posted – Mar 09, 2016   “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” This famous quote is often attributed to Socrates. But what exactly do you know when you “know yourself?” This blog will reveal 6 elements […]

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“When will I be enlightened?” “When you see.” the Master said. “See what?” “Trees and flowers and moon and stars.” “But I see these everyday.” “No. What you see is paper trees, paper flowers, paper moons and paper stars. For you live, not in reality, but in your words and thoughts.” And, for good measure, […]

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“Make a clean break with your past and you will be enlightened.” said the ‘Master. “I am doing that by degrees.” “Growth is achieved by degrees. Enlightenment is instantaneous.” Later he said, “Take the leap! You cannot cross a chasm in little jumps.” … Disclaimer: Not mine. sharing from ONE MINUTE WISDOM by Tony de Mello CAUTION:  TAKE THE […]

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