‘know about’ your ‘Knowing’


How to know:

When we really ‘KNOW’,


When we just ‘know about’?




Know that when we know simplest of things in life,

and we are aware of our surroundings,

understand little little things,

right from our level of being (lowest doesn’t matter),

know that we ‘KNOW’ a lot,

then, there is a possibility

then, we are moving in the right direction,

then, this is the path

path towards establishing on the center.



Know that when we don’t know simplest of things in life,

and things about outer life we live in,

yet we think that we know few or lot about the mysteries

and laws of the world and everything all around

higher, above, inner, deeper, astral, mental, supernatural,

know that we only ‘know about’ a lot,

then, we are going for sure in the wrong direction,

then we are moving away from the center,

then,we are moving far far away from ‘KNOWING’

yet, there is a probability that if we ‘see’

our this state and awaken to our steps towards this path

we can still stop and watch

and travel the right path until we ‘KNOW’.




Reflections on my self: MAY 2, 2016 8:12am; OCT 19, 2018

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