Work* and Life

* Before I begin, let me clarify what ‘Work’ means here. Not any usual work, or the one we get engaged for livelihood; but Work on oneself and transformational Work, or that makes a difference. Also reference made to ‘Gurdjieff’s Work’, in essence of ‘The Fourth Way’ teaching.


“If Work gets into Life that’s the beginning; and


if Life gets into the Work that’s end!”

Because Life goes on…


Work, if has to go on, has to go on as Life, inside Life…


…without participation in Life, Work has no meaning, Work is dead !

®️©️ 31 May 2018

Nugget from the evening session “Creativity in Kathak” with Kathak Maestro Guru Shri Munna Shukla Ji

~ Reflections on my self 


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