“intellectual property”


“Words whirl and fall in me

they climb and come out of me

I do not compose I can not prose

poetry is born often through those

whoever ready to dance on the floor

with open windows and all the doors.”

~  ®© ❤ with feeling of gratitude ❤


“We poets are the torch bearers

of new way of life without fears

and to bridge the gap which is ever

widening in the society ever since

if not we, then who?

if not now, then when?”


~  ®© ❤ with feeling of gratitude ❤

I cannot not agree with below lines written by Wendell Berry…

Inviting all my poet friends, to ponder upon below quotes by Wendell Berry very deeply and dare share what you feel ‘or’ to be honest, what’s being felt through you!


“Intellectual property names the deed by which the mind is bought and sold and the world enslaved” – Wendell Berry

“As I understand it, I am being paid only for my work in arranging the words; my property is that arrangement. The thoughts in this book, on the contrary, are not mine. They came freely to me, and I give them freely away. I have no “intellectual property,” and I think that all claimants to such property are thieves.”  ― Wendell Berry,                   Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community: Eight Essays

SOURCE: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/144904-as-i-understand-it-i-am-being-paid-only-for

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