The fourth way (La Quatrième Voie)



I feel more and more importance of Work*, and all the more need of three center integration and harmony! Being centered help me to rise above existential level and it’s three shadows – the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual.

In life around, almost everywhere, on our planet, we have extreme aspects of centers in play… we have greatest minds, greatest hearts, and greatest bodies… but not many with all three in harmony, equally developed, in balance, together!

Most work is already being done on my intellectual level already by society, schools’ education system at large. Recently only, in life, I began working on physical and emotional layers too and consciously trying to work on all three together in a single room, as stated… that’s ‘The Work‘ or ‘The fourth way teaching‘!

Society doesn’t need or encourage us to work on all three aspects together. In fact society is sufficiently able to manage it’s functioning on basis of cheap morality requiring these three separately developed in separate rooms, not leading to birth or nourishment or development of consciousness in us.

®️©️ 30 April, 2016 Sunrise, 25 October, 2018 


*What is “Work” and Why “Work”?

To understand why we call this practice the Work, take a moment to watch these videos:

Please share your views on your own experiences.

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