how to live simply? Comment vivre simplement

This is my endeavor to understand and struggle with the attached text in form of write-up titled – ‘Comment vivre simplement’ (en francaise) by Michel de Salzmann en Juin 2001 et aussi below that, it’s english translation by our Work teachers group (Gurdjieff Society of Atlantic Canada, Halifax with Ravi Ravindra) 

I stand here
between The Earth and The Sky
where horizons meet

and I wonder

how the answer will come
in empty space created in oneself
of that big question –
how to live simply?
I stand here
with so much so given –
emotions, body, experiences;
of none I am the Master
and I wonder
how I be quieter,
how to completely let it be!
I stand here
between my two natures
higher and lower
and I wonder
in between quiet silence
and distraction
where from relationship shall appears
I stand here
amidst all kind of movements
of energy in action –
passive body and mind attentive
and I wonder
how to just be
in relationship of
the light that enlivens them
I stand here
aware of my body and thoughts
and above up there
from where an order appears
and I wonder
not knowing anything at all
how to allow a response to appear
I stand here
all of myself in question
I cannot rely on explanations
and I wonder
how I need to be new
with an intense passion to awaken
®️©️ Nothing I understand here, so I just divided it into two parts:
‘I stand here’ and look at first half
‘and I wonder’ about second!

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