I Am; I wish to be


I am hardly like Sun

never shining in full




I am usually like moon

hardly day of full moon

mostly half or a quarter

and ever born crescent

to die again to no moon




and I try to work on my

visible half side of self

keeping the other half

at far end unattended



I hide it and cover up

what I don’t like in me

thinking rest I attend

and imagine I amend



In illusions I live n love

illusionary in presence

thinking that this way

I will be transformed

but I remain as it is

for I don’t realize this



I keep changing my

shapes and phases

but never to achieve

evolution of my state



I wish to be like Sun

ever shining in full



8 December 2018
Picture taken @ ‘The Pipal Tree’ Ashram, Fireflies, Bangalore

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