The Instincts!

Games we need to play with Kids!

  • Games to educate the instincts are very important because, now a days, instincts are largely ignored…
  • The games that we invent must be directed to every part of the child. When education takes the form of a game children learn without even realising it, but we should never forget that our objective is to educate them…
  • When children are happy because they are doing something with Joy, such as playing, we can bring a lot to them.. 





Book titled – “A Sense of Wonder when I do not know”, by Nathalie de Salzmann de Etievan

Copyright A.C. Editorial Ganesha, 2008. 

The Paracotos Collection

Spanish Title: !No Saber es formidable!

Translated from the Spanish by members of the London Gurdjieff Foundation.

{Must read for every educator, every teacher, every mother, every father, in fact everyone, as deep down we all wish to work on ourselves amidst life

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