Strengthening the four lower senses



Learning full of WONDER for parents and educators!!

with Love and Gratitude,

Aarambh Waldorf

Strengthening The Inner / Lower Senses : All who work with children today see that they are changing in ways that concern and even alarm us. In the pre – school and kindergarten classes, we often see tired children, thin and pale. Children are nervous, cannot sit still, and frequently fall out of chairs. Movement and play do not come so easily as they once did. Many children are disorganized in their movements and can appear clumsy. Some propel themselves forward with unconscious and uncontrolled abandon, smashing and crashing into their playmates. Others find a quiet corner from which they do not move, playing timidly and avoiding movement at all cost. The trained eye also sees indications of retained immature movement patters/reflexes, which should have disappeared in the child’s first year. Many children are “touchy”, often over – acting to an innocent brush with another child, and are emotionally fragile…

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2 thoughts on “Strengthening the four lower senses

    1. Ha ha! Not our minds.., but these are normally built in hidden within any strong culture, heritage, religion, value system, mythology, et al.., which all are changing with the time and we all need to keep them alive by living oral tradition…! Isn’t it Wonder!!


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