Impossible Desire of Human “I”


Impossible Desire of Human “I”

O’ World! You please become peaceful place to live..,

“I” cannot stop creating violence in the mind, thoughts, and actions!

Ah’ Society and Politics! You must change one fine day..,

“I” cannot spare time for you, as I am busy attending myself!

Oh’ Poverty! You must go far far off from here..,

“I” am busy making little more money and some name!

Hey Humanity! You must be tolerant and respectful to the system..,

“I” am busy making my own living and ways into this world!

Hiya Everything and Everyone! You all must change in this World,

“I” am so busy finding my lost identity in this world!

“I” doesn’t even know Who am “I”?

Reply from the World:

“O’ I my dear!

Things in my World cannot just Quick fix.

You all “I”s need to embrace and accept every other “I”

and everything as one and your own.

You reciprocate with #love and #compassion


रो:हित ~ 1.1.2019 ~ One.One.Twenty Nineteen

Picture Credit: Eberhard Grossgasteiger on Unsplash

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