One in many; Many in one


One in Many;

Many in one




There’s one life

One birth

One day to die


One peak worth climbing

One road to travel

One love to fall upon

One small step to ‘make it large’



Yet if you dive deep inside

You will find many many

in these one ones;


Many births

Many new heights

Many climbs

Many falls

Many beginnings

Many many ends

Many start ups

Many switch overs

Many failures

Many successes


Many peaks to climb

Many roads to travel

Many hearts to win

Many lives to embrace

Many lives to inspire

Many lives to engage

Many lives to celebrate



Yet there is only one

That’s YOU

and there’s only one

That’s Him,





All-Loving Supreme

Sun Absolute


In all these moments

if you remember,

remember Him

and remember yourself

‘You’ and ‘He’ remains

it’s always all about Him

it’s always all about You


How you live!

How you love!

How you attend!

How you give!

How you receive!

How you observe!

How you create!

How you maintain!

How you bless!

How you wish!

How you will!

How you Wonder!

How you embrace!

How you inspire!

How you engage!

How you celebrate!




Now! O’ boy remember!

Even it’s all ‘You’ with ‘Him’

but it’s just not 

only about You

it’s always and everywhere

all about others



While You being

centered in mindfulness,

yet not so self-centered

in yourself alone

and when ‘You’ draw an arc

with all your being

stretched as far possible

touching all other beings

You create a Circle


Circle of Life,


His image of all of us!

His creations all around

All Stars

All Suns

Celestial bodies

All Earths

All Moons

Heavenly bodies


then You see

all in one

and one in all




14 Feb 2019:: 
I Wonder Who are We? I Wonder about floating celestial heavenly bodies all around in Space and we in middle flourished with Life, so beautiful! 
Photo Credit: Agence Olloweb:: Unsplash

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