Knowledge is half thing; 

Wisdom is totally complete…

Wisdom is doing!!

Today, we may preach Yoga, et al to rest of the World,

but we ourselves know nothing of the taste of Yoga,

we do not ourselves act in Yoga,  

We need to live, practice love in our daily life,

to experience,

to exchange,

to empathize…




“Only humans are living creatures with ability to empathize, to care for the other.

Dharma is more about empathy than ethics, about intent rather than outcome.

Empathy enables exchange. This act of mutual sharing and nourishing is real yajgna.

Our desire to control other, or simply to withdraw, to give up, to find peace in isolation, is what stops us from empathizing and exchanging!

Yoga helps us to take inner journey; and Yajgna helps us to perform action in outer world.

Outer peace does not guarantee inner peace.

More boundaries we create, more conflict we give birth to!”

~ Extract from Devdutt Pattanaik, “My Gita”

Feb 18, 20 19
1st Photo Credit: Unsplash:: Humphrey Muleba
2nd Photo by Candice Seplow on Unsplash

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