First day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk…   

9th Jan 2019
Jahanpanah City Forest

Today we went to the Forest. First day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk…

From 8.15 to 10.15 am
Amidst city, such a thick forest land. It’s Wonder! and especially, quite good maintained. Impressions are so vivid and real even now (2 pm).

I sensed the connection and established communication with silence of trees. Moist Air touching, really like ‘bathing’ experience… not just fresh air but gush of it in abundance… and trees so big and tall, they much above us (in physical sense obviously, but i mean here in overall evolution sense too!) we too small in front of them… we just feel big and inflated, whereas in nature, we are just nothing… they are connected, above as well as below… and they so magnificent, their shapes, they dancing, very many figures, each so unique (even we are!) and they outwardly appear different (unlike we humans) and that’s their transparency manifesting!

I wondered!
I am coming back tomorrow!

Second day… 

10th Jan 2019
Jahanpanah City Forest

Today we went again to the same Forest… from different Entry point and different trails…
Second day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk…

From 8.15 to 10.00 am today!
Amidst city, surrounded by Hospitals, Societies, Colleges, Highways… such a thick forest land!!

I (my mind) again wasn’t able to digest that… It’s Wonder!
It’s so big w.r.t our daily life chores and living conditions… It encompass all… it’s so bid and life giving to all!!

Impressions are so moist and real… just had a magnificent view of Sunset… even now (6 pm).

Trees are so wonderful beings!
They are so much so inside-outside…

I was most intrigued by their shapes and free curves and bends, “jahaan mann caahhe wahaan mur jao” (turn where you feel like)… they just follow their instincts… they follow sunlight… they help each other… the care… today i saw and touched and enjoyed sitting and swinging on tree branches… some horizontal to ground, some rising… many trees were bunches of stems from ground itself… that was real amazing… some branched out up in the air… and as if all dancing… their postures each so lively and saying a story… in fact all of us see a story in everything…

Sun light coming in through branches and leaves… was heart throbbing…

I felt really bathing in… in trees… in forest… and this feeling was really different… non physical…

I wondered!
I am coming back tomorrow!

Next day and day after and day after day till today… 

I wondered and wondered ! 
I am coming back again tomorrow, till tomorrow never come back!

I wish to share with you all… 


The Art and Science of “Forest-Bathing”

Our understanding of

How Trees Can

help us Find Health

and Happiness

(Extract from the book by DR QING LI)


What is forest bathing?

  • More than just a Walk…
  • We practice what Japanese call “Forest -bathing”, or ‘Shinrin-Yoku’.
  • ‘Shinrin’ in Japanese means “Forest” and ‘Yoku’ means “bath”
  • Forest bathing is bathing in forest atmosphere, or ‘taking in’ forest through our senses.
  • This is not exercise, or hiking, or jogging!!


Essence of it!

  • It is simply ‘being in’ nature, connecting with it through our senses of
    • Sight: Changing colors of trees, leaves, shadow, graceful branches..,
    • hearing: Birds call, singing, rustle of breeze, trees, wind..,
    • taste: Fresh Air, Water, Trees..,
    • smell: Flowers, earth, tree trunks, atmosphere and scent of trees and smoke..,
    • touch: Breeze on our skin, moist air, Sun’s warmth, peeling bark of trees..,


Indoor vs outdoors…

  • Indoor, we tend to use only two (2) senses, our eyes and our ears!
  • And when we open up all our senses, in the open – outdoors, we begin to connect to the natural world!
  • We also breathe substances in air/soil (mycobacterium vaccae)


Why to bathe in forest? 

  • Year 2000+ onwards we are identified as “Urban Species” (likely to be 75% by 2050)
  • We are also more and more identified as “Indoor Species” (93% time spend indoor by Americans)
  • We are living in ever talking and increasingly “Noisy cities” (50% plus polulation affected)
    • – ‘Cronic Noise is stressful’
  • We are under the strong influence of Technostress, i.e., unhealthy behaviour around new Technology..,
  • We are in the 21st Century, where ‘Stress’ is an health epidemic of the World!


It is mutual… 

If people were encouraged to visit forests for their health, happiness , peace, stressfree lifestyle, and healing through nature…

…they would be more likely to want to protect and look after them, and also nature and environment!


How to take in forest bath?  

  • The forest is like our mother, a sacred place, a gift to humans from the divine!
  • It is a paradise of healing..,
  • Mother nature fills us with:
    • Wonder & Curiosity,
    • Harmony & Healing,
    • Health & Happiness..,

…and ‘invites us in’ to reconnect with nature

Step 1. Find a spot:  

  • Walk slowly,
  • Walk aimlessly,
  • Follow your body,
  • follow your nose!
  • Take your time,
  • Let forest enter in!
  • It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get anywhere.
  • We are not going anywhere!
  • Key is letting the nature ‘enter in’ through all our five (5) senses.

Step 2. Engage your 5 Senses:  

  • ‘Take in’ from all your five senses, and release your sense of Joy & Wonder & Calm
    • [This is your “sixth sense”, a state of mind]
  • Key is to slow down; stand still…
  • Explore:
    • Yoga in open
    • T’ai CHI
    • Meditation
    • Deep breathing
    • Observation

Sense of Sound:  

  • Listen!
    • to Natural Silence (sounds only nature provides)
  • Water
    • rushing rivers, flowing streams
    • roaring waterfalls
  • Wind
    • creaking and rustling
    • rattling of leaves in wind
  • Bird chatter
    • two tones of call of birds
  • Bird song

Sense of Sight:   

  • ‘Komorebi’:: ‘dappled Sunlight’
    • [Sunlight filtering through the leaves in the trees]
  • Colors of Nature
    • Green
    • Beautiful
  • Fractal design
    • Amaze us,
  • Fills us with Awe

Sense of Smell:  

  • ‘most primal’ of our senses!
    • Breathing = easiest path to our central nervous system
  • Sense and ‘breathe in‘ the most powerful element
    • Phytoncides [fragrance trees release]
  • All you have to do is to be here!
  • Breathe in it’s healing power!
  • Smell of:
    • Earth,
    • Rain,
    • Forest – Essential oils
  • You can explore ‘Yogic Breathing’

Sense of Touch:  

  • ‘direct connection’
    • Hands – on – approach
    • physically & literally reconnects with nature
  • Touch, touch, touch
    • Feel the breeze on your face,
    • hug the tree
    • Let the water of stream ripple through your hands,
    • pick the pebble from bottom of stream
    • Immerse in water flowing from the source
    • Lie on the ground,
    • plunge hand in pile of leaves
  • GO barefoot
    • Stay grounded – 20 minutes daily

Sense of Taste:  

  • Eat it
    • It’s not fast food
    • It’s a slow food
  • Drink it
  • ‘Sansai’ (grown in forest/mountain vegetables) gives us:
    • More than Vitamins
    • Energy of the Earth as well
  • Explore Forest-bathing tea ceremony
    • ‘Chado’ or ‘Chanoya’ – ‘the way of tea’
  • Drink Water: Good water ‘meisui’
  • ‘Breathe in’

Sixth Sense:  

  • ‘Sense of happiness’
    • with which we connect with the world beyond ourselves
    • Nature feeds our souls & bring us
      • Joy
      • Wonder
      • Excitement
      • Ecstasy
      • Transcendence
      • Nature takes our breath away… to breathe new life into us!
  • Finding your feelings in the forest..!

Step 3. Slowing down:   

  • Leave behind –
    • phone,
    • camera,
    • music, and
    • any other distraction
  • Leave behind your expectations,
  • Forget about the time
  • Come into the present moment;
  • Find a spot to sit rather than rush:
    • Grass,
    • Beside a tree,
    • On the side
  • Stay for two (2) hours if possible!
  • Breathe: Deep, with awareness



I have compiled same in the below link in form of presentation

Shinrin Yoku in my BLOG

Nine One Two Zero One Nine
Two One Two Two Zero One Nine
Pictures (if not from the book) and experiences are from our own ‘Shinrin Yoku’ sessions in Delhi.
It’s unbelievable at first sight… deep amidst the hustle bustle of urban city vibrant lanes, there goes a trail into the forest… try it our sometimes… Delhi has many forests!
Whichever city you are in, I am sure you can find your Forest!
All you need is little effort of your own, and divine will or grace will do the rest!  
I Wonder!  
Forest Bathing experience is life changing and also nourishes something else in us!

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