अभी इंसानियत को

दूर तलक ले जाना है

अभी तो यहाँ इंसान को,

हर इंसान को जगाना है


Presenting to you – my Experiences with myself

प्रस्तुत करता हूँ – मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग


Hello my blogger friends!

I have published my poetry as an ebook Kindle and downloadable version …

please buy and support!!



Selected poems (bilingual Edition – हिन्दी + English)

Keywords: Midnight Awakening; Human Conditioning; Inner Journey; Life; Poet; You and Me; Here, Now!

मेरी पहली किताब – ‘कविता’ के रूप में विचारों एवम् अंतर्दृष्टि के बहाव का संकलन

My first book – Compilation of flow of insights and thoughts in the form of ‘Poetry’


Avlb on All Amazon Marketplaces worldwide as Kindle édition, and eBook now!

Will you please support by purchasing e-book and sharing your comments and reviews on Amazon and fb, social media,

https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07QNP7TV2 (INDIA)

Also available for your country. Check Amazon!

I am sure you will like it!

Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed!


Rohit Chawla


2 thoughts on “

    1. पत्ता पत्ता सहमा सा है आज
      ज़रूर कहीं इंसानियत फिसलीं है फिर आज #myexperienceswithmyself


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