मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग: my Experiences with myself

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‘my Experiences with myself’ – 
is compilation of flow of insights, and thoughts, in the form of ‘poetry’ 

‘मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग’ – 
‘कविता’ के रूप में विचारों एवम्‌ अंतर्दृष्टि के बहाव का संकलन है । 

Selected Poems (Bilingual Edition – Hindi, English)

When these thoughts and insights started to pour and fall upon me, I was full of myself and hence this title surfaced – ‘my Experiences with myself’. 

I would be lying if I say that now I am not full of myself. But surely there is a shift internally. To the extent that ‘myself’ becomes an instrument, now, to receive, to see, to capture a drop of what is impartial, available to us all, something which is not mine alone! Without ‘myself’ this compilation task itself would not have been possible… However, the capability and the quality of this instrument – I call ‘myself’ is truly based on my upbringing, personal conditioning, my associative thought processes, my inner landscape, my outer environment, and not the least, my ever changing journey all along. Hence the title I wish to retain as is, with shading ‘my’ and ‘myself’ in front of what only matters, i.e., Experiences. 

Presenting to you – ‘my Experiences with myself’.

Having stated that, I am sharing these ‘Experiences’, not with the intention of any copyrights or exclusivity or any such sort of purpose statement. My very wish, deeper than I can express in words here, is to share the flow, which happened in me, may be at a specific time and space, may be in midst of something specific, may be as a reflection of certain on going event…, but never the less, I tried my best to keep ‘myself’ away from these ‘Experiences’ so as not to taint or improvise upon them; on the contrary mostly, honestly, instructed ‘myself’ just to feel and to sense and to pen down these pourings which touched me. 

There are times, when I go barren, and there are times when it rains cats and dogs! I am living with each of such ‘Experiences’ as they are food to me, they nourish me, and so do I wish each of us to live with our own ‘Experiences’ and be nourished by them. When we share our ‘Experiences’, we nourish each other and there comes a time in our lives, when only ‘Experiences’ remains and ‘You’ and ‘Me’ subsides!

Link to have your copy: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07QNP7TV2

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