“How shall I attain Eternal Life?” “Eternal Life is now. Come into the present.” “But I am in the present now, am I not?” “No.” “Why not?” “Because you haven’t dropped your past.” “Why should I drop my past? Not all of it is bad.” “The past is to be dropped not because it is […]

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The Master kept scraping a brick against the floor of the room where his disciple sat in meditation. At first the disciple was content, taking this to be a test of his powers of concentration. But when the sound became unbearable he burst out, “What on earth are you doing? Can’t you see I am […]

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“How shall I get the grace of never judging my neighbour?” “Through prayer.” “Then why have I not found it yet?” “Because you haven’t prayed in the right place.” “Where is that?” “In the heart of God.” “And how do I get there?” “Understand that anyone who sins does not know what he is doing […]

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The young disciple was such a prodigy that scholars from everywhere sought his advice and marveled at his learning. When the Governor was looking for an advisor, he came to the Master and said, “Tell me is it true that the young man knows as much as they say he does?” “Truth to tell” said the […]

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For all his traditional ways, the Master had scant respect for rules and for traditions. A quarrel once broke out between a disciple and his daughter because the man kept insisting that the girl conform to the rules of their religion in the choice of her prospective husband. The Master openly sided with the girl.   […]

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Said the Master to the businessman; “As the fish perishes on dry land, so you perish when you get entangled in the world. The fish must return to the water — you must return to solitude.” The businessman was aghast. “Must I give up my business and go into a monastery?” “No. no. Hold on […]

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“Where shall I look for Enlightenment?” “Here.” “When will it happen?” “It is happening right now.” “Then why don’t I experience it?” “Because you do not look.” “What should I look for?” “Nothing. Just look.” “At what?” “Anything your eyes alight upon.” “Must I look in a special kind of way?” “No. The ordinary way […]

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  “Is there anything I can do to make myself Enlightened?” “As little as you can do to make the sun rise in the morning.” “Then of what use are the spiritual exercises you prescribe?” “To make sure you are not asleep when the sun begins to rise.” … Disclaimer: Not mine. sharing from ONE MINUTE WISDOM by […]

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  Even though it was the Master’s Day of Silence a traveler begged for a word of wisdom that would guide him through life’s journey. The Master nodded affably, took a sheet of paper and wrote a single word on it: “Awareness. The visitor was perplexed. “That’s too brief. Would you please expand on it […]

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  The Governor on his travels stepped in to pay homage to the Master. “Affairs of State leave me no time for lengthy dissertations,” he said. “Could you put the essence of religion into a paragraph or two for a busy man like me?” “I shall put it into a single word for the benefit […]

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