मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग: my Experiences with myself

‘my Experiences with myself’ –  is compilation of flow of insights, and thoughts, in the form of ‘poetry’  *  ‘मेरे अनुभव मेरे संग’ –  ‘कविता’ के रूप में विचारों एवम्‌ अंतर्दृष्टि के बहाव का संकलन है ।  Selected Poems (Bilingual Edition – Hindi, English) When these thoughts and insights started to pour and fall upon […]

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  “Trust” * When you Love one You Trust one, * and when Trust is lost Love is lost; * * When one Trust you You have Thrust in Life, * and when you loose one’s Trust Thrust in your life is gone; *   * When you have Thrust in Life You have Interest […]

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One in many; Many in one

One in Many; Many in one * * * There’s one life One birth One day to die * One peak worth climbing One road to travel One love to fall upon One small step to ‘make it large’ * * Yet if you dive deep inside You will find many many in these one […]

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‘भय’ ‘Fear’

भय के ख़याल Imagination of Fear ॰॰॰ Fear of unknown is actually Fear of ‘known’ about unknown? … that ‘known’ is our imagination हमारे ख़याल ॰॰॰ शेर ने मुझे कभी खाया नहीं इसलिए मुझे उससे भय है भय शेर के काटने से नहीं शेर के काटने के ख़याल से ॰॰॰ गाड़ी ने मुझे कभी कुचला […]

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Impossible Desire of Human “I”

Impossible Desire of Human “I” … … O’ World! You please become peaceful place to live.., “I” cannot stop creating violence in the mind, thoughts, and actions! … Ah’ Society and Politics! You must change one fine day.., “I” cannot spare time for you, as I am busy attending myself! … Oh’ Poverty! You must […]

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Journey to the Middle land

Sacred Journey …   Splendid Night in her full elegance, ensured safe departure with full diligence; … Eleventh day Moon shining in His glory, Every Star twinkling telling Her own story; … First rays of The Sun like a golden treat, thick cover of Clouds protecting from scorching heat; … Gentle breeze gushing through the […]

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from no where to now here

ना कल है ना कल है आज का यही पल है जीं लो ज़रा ~ ~ nor there is yesterday neither is tomorrow only is today’s  this moment let’s live ~ ~ ®️©️ रो:हित ~ No where to go… only now here!! Picture Credits: Ravi Roshan (Unsplash)  

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पहला First

पहला ~~~ ~~~ First ~~~ ~~~ कैसे भूल सकता हूँ मैं वो पहला एहसास, वो पहली साँस वो पहला प्यार जो हुआ था पहली बार ~~~   how can i forget that first impression, your first breath our first love which happened for the first time ~~~ ऐसा नहीं की उससे पहले एहसास नहीं उतरे […]

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whenever…u feel happy know that it’s happiness which comes yr way and that’s the way!! ~~~ whenever…i feel happy for sure it’s happiness which comes my way and that’s the way!! ~~~ and if…u feel sad you think it’s happiness which goes away ‘or may be’  you come in it’s way and that’s your way!! […]

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I Am; I wish to be

I am hardly like Sun never shining in full ~:~:~ ~:~:~   I am usually like moon hardly day of full moon mostly half or a quarter and ever born crescent to die again to no moon ~:~:~ ~:~:~   and I try to work on my visible half side of self keeping the other […]

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