“intellectual property”

…   “Words whirl and fall in me they climb and come out of me I do not compose I can not prose poetry is born often through those whoever ready to dance on the floor with open windows and all the doors.” … ~  ®© ❤ with feeling of gratitude ❤ …   “We poets are […]

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Whenever I re-member

…..   I was born with both a little angel and a little devil inside me…   .   with time both grew up but in different  proportion..,   ..   Now! I have both a little angel and a big grown devil inside me..,   …   And mostly devil takes up too much […]

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I am; I wish to be

* my journey from I am; to I wish to be I am … Trapped … Feeling Sad … I feel I am trapped … Iike a mouse icon on PC screen Life is nothing more sad than a logic close-looped pre-written and put inside me … Sad … Feeling Closed … I feel I am […]

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Two Worlds

With the Whispers of the evening breeze I take this journey into starry world out there: “Sun has now set Gone beyond horizon towards west You also go and slip into your nest Ponder upon to deepen your quest Leave all the worldly affairs to rest for tomorrow will come to conquest Observe, Explore, and […]

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Mine and other’s

Sun and Moon What connects them? Earth! It appears.., Day and night What connects them? Horizon! It seems.., Good and bad What connects them? Deeds! Indeed.., Rich and poor What connects them? Money! Certainly.., Love and Hate What connects them? Heart! Beyond doubt.., Science and Religion What connects them? Seeking! It is.., Enlightened and Ignorant […]

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Impossible Désire of Human “I”

Impossible Désire of Human “I” O’ World! You please become peaceful place to live.., “I” cannot stop creating violence in the mind, thoughts, and actions! Ah’ Society and Politics! You must change one fine day.., “I” cannot spare time for you, as I am busy attending myself! Oh’ Poverty! You must go far far off […]

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Near or far…

O! Real I Wonder – what you are? I Observer… I Explore… I Wonder – who you are?   I can sense… I can feel… You so near; yet so far!   I can sense… I can feel… but not see; Oh! You so far!

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