… To the disciple who was overly respectful the Master said, “Light is reflected on a wall. Why venerate the wall? Be attentive to the light.” … … Disclaimer: Not mine. sharing from ONE MINUTE WISDOM by Tony de Mello CAUTION:  TAKE THE TALES IN TINY DOSES — ONE OR TWO AT A TIME. AN OVERDOSE WILL LOWER THEIR […]

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The Master once asked his disciples, “Which is more important, wisdom or action?” The disciples were unanimous: “Action, of course. Of what use is wisdom that does not show itself in action?” Said the Master, “And of what use is action that proceeds from an unenlightened heart?” … Disclaimer: Not mine. sharing from ONE MINUTE WISDOM by Tony […]

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  “Trust” * When you Love one You Trust one, * and when Trust is lost Love is lost; * * When one Trust you You have Thrust in Life, * and when you loose one’s Trust Thrust in your life is gone; *   * When you have Thrust in Life You have Interest […]

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First day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk…    9th Jan 2019 Jahanpanah City Forest Today we went to the Forest. First day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk… From 8.15 to 10.15 am Amidst city, such a thick forest land. It’s Wonder! and especially, quite good maintained. Impressions are so vivid and real even […]

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Knowledge is half thing;  Wisdom is totally complete… Wisdom is doing!! Today, we may preach Yoga, et al to rest of the World, but we ourselves know nothing of the taste of Yoga, we do not ourselves act in Yoga,   We need to live, practice love in our daily life, to experience, to exchange, to […]

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