“When will I be enlightened?” “When you see.” the Master said. “See what?” “Trees and flowers and moon and stars.” “But I see these everyday.” “No. What you see is paper trees, paper flowers, paper moons and paper stars. For you live, not in reality, but in your words and thoughts.” And, for good measure, […]

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The Way of Tea

Photo by Desislava Dermendzhieva on Unsplash I am re~blogging this from http://gurdjieff.org/ ~ • ~ Gurdjieff International Review Fall 2013 Issue, Vol. XII No. 1 Nobuko Somers It is the master we have in ourselves that presses us to follow the way. ~ Rikyu The sound of falling snow, like the falling petals of cherry blossoms, the falling […]

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First day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk…    9th Jan 2019 Jahanpanah City Forest Today we went to the Forest. First day of the ‘Shinrin Yoku’ Nature Walk… From 8.15 to 10.15 am Amidst city, such a thick forest land. It’s Wonder! and especially, quite good maintained. Impressions are so vivid and real even […]

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